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 Ревень массажный крем для похудения

Ревень массажный крем для похудения

350 руб.

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 Ревень массажный крем для похудения
Ревень массажный крем для похуденияНет в наличии
350 руб.
  • 8 800 77 07 969
    Звонки по России бесплатно
  • 8 800 77 07 969
    Звонки по России бесплатно
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Сяо Лао Ши Ревень массажный крем
крем для салонов красоты профессионального похудения и домашнего использования
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Xiao Lao Shi Rhubarb Tighten massage cream
Suit beauty salon professional slimming and home use
Trend leads the body
Rhubarb bring you satisfaction with slim curve

Product name: Xiao Lao Shi Rhubarb Tighten massage cream
This product is based on the human obesity gene and mechanism of modern scientific weight loss fat, using natural plant extracts of radix et rhizoma Rhei and the composition of deep sea mineral mud which, does not contain hormones, side-effect-free, easy to use and flexible. It can be used for General weight loss, also can be used for local weight loss results.

Rhubarb massage cream has the following effects:
1 in vivo, inhibiting the secretion of pancreatic lipase, the intake of fat is not easy to be absorbed by the human body.
2, effect on fat cells, fat dissolves fat and inhibits fat synthesis in the fat cells, fat cells so that smaller, fewer after use to make shape fitness, slim.
3, so that excess fat that is not absorbed and metabolic wastes in the body (toxins) speed up expelled from the body.
4, a series of secondary result of obesity coexist.
5, often used also make the skin smooth, delicate, white, moist and flexible.
6, clearing, reduced fat; applied to obesity, especially waist thigh fat parts, thin slender, tightening the abdominal and lumbar.

Using method:
1, body weight loss
Rhubarb cream evenly coated in the abdomen, belly button as the Center, Palm of hand tight abdominal massage clockwise 10 minutes
2, local slimming
Applies to the thighs to lose weight, lose weight around my waist, buttocks weight loss, fat rhubarb cream evenly the excess part, 10-20-minute massage in a clockwise direction

1: use hot towels before fomentation fat unnecessary parts, making pores full relaxation, Telangiectasia, to facilitate the penetration of the cream and absorption
2: if it can be combined with massage device, weight loss is better
3: wrapped in cling film and then massage better
4: or use to scrub dead skin peeling, put the products, the effect is also apparent

Analysis: 1 course of treatment can be reduced from 10 to 15 pounds, local weight-loss treatment can reduce abdominal 8-15 cm.
Rhubarb is known very well for weight-loss products, is each of these essential ingredients in the weight-loss drug. This product is dedicated to beauty products, the effect class, not some skin care weight loss products on the market.

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  • Цена: 350 руб.